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Richard C. James
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About Our Firm

Hiring a lawyer should be your first choice, not a last resort. James Law Firm, P.L.L.C., is all about planning for your future. For the success of your business and your personal life, planning is important. Our attorney can help with the planning that is necessary for that success.

Why Hire Our Firm?

To have a successful business, you need many resources. Having the support of an experienced business attorney is an important in the development and success of a business. Our attorney at James Law Firm, P.L.L.C., can help with forming your business, drafting and negotiating contracts and documents your business needs, and helping your business grow, such as by acquiring another business, or a business owner-occupied office building or warehouse or other property. We can also assist the business owners with their personal needs, by planning your estate for you and your family through Wills, powers of attorney, and trusts and by reviewing asset protection and insurance coverage. To learn more about Richard James:

Planning For Your Future

Estate planning, business law, and tax law are all about planning for the future. If you own a business, the interplay of business, estate planning and tax law are all inextricably linked, and an attorney who has expertise in these areas is crucial.  Why have three lawyers advise you on business, estate planning, and tax law when you can see one lawyer who can address each area?

Accounting And Tax Knowledge Underpinning Legal Expertise

Our attorney has a Bachelor and Masters degree in Accounting from a top 20 accounting program in the country, so he understands the complex financial statements used in businesses. He also has LL.M. in Tax Law, which is a specialized “Masters” degree in tax law obtained from one of the top ranked tax law programs in the nation for tax law.

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Choosing a lawyer is a complex decision. For business or estate planning matters, you want an experienced attorney who understands all of the elements and can put together a plan that meets your needs and goals. Contact our The Woodlands law firm at 832-764-7885 or use our online form.