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Young? Healthy? You still shouldn’t wait to write a will

On Behalf of | Jun 13, 2022 | Estate Planning

There’s no doubt that one day your loved ones will inherit your assets — but when you’re young and healthy, that day can seem incredibly far away. Unfortunately, nobody is promised tomorrow, and bad things can happen even to those who seem like they have a lot of years left. That’s why you should write a will to prepare for the future. 

First, you should learn what a will is. Here’s what you should know:

A will controls how your assets get divided 

A will is a common legal document that is used to distribute a person’s estate after they pass away. A will makes it easier for heirs to gain their deserved portion of your estate. You can even plan who exactly gets what part of your estate in a will. 

Many people put off writing a will thinking it isn’t worth their time. They may feel they are too young for a will or that they don’t have enough in their estate to consider making a will. Don’t let any doubts stop you from writing a will. A will can greatly benefit you by:

  • Naming your heirs and distributing precious mementos
  • Detail what assets are distributed to whom – and when
  • Designate guardianship for a minor child 
  • Limit family conflict by clearly detailing your wishes

Your death will be an emotional time for many people. In the end, your family will appreciate that your estate plans are clear and detailed. 

Leaving your heirs without a will can make things difficult

People who pass away without a will can make the distribution of their estate frustrating for their families. In the likelihood that someone dies without writing a will, or intestate, their estate will be distributed by state overseers. The court will distribute an estate to your closest relatives according to state law – not your desires.

You may have plans to enhance the lives of your loved ones by making them part of your will. You shouldn’t let your plans falter. You may need legal guidance to help plan your estate.