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A will can do many things. It can distribute your property at your death during the probate process. It can create testamentary trusts for your children. Depending on the complexity of your finances, other tools such as a trust may serve that purpose better. A will can still be important, as it can ensure such varied items as a guardian for minor children to naming and instructing your executor on how to pay your bills and taxes.

Wills Clarify Your Intentions

A properly drafted Will provides for the transfer of all your assets, both real and personal property, whether valuable or having only sentimental or emotional value. If you have certain intentions for certain property, a Will should describe those intentions with certainty. James Law Firm, P.L.L.C. can help you to draft a Will that will carry out your wishes and provide for counsel on the most efficient and cost savings manner to transfer property.

By having a properly drafted Will, you can ensure that your wishes are clear and help avoid conflict and contentiousness among your heirs. A disappointed child or other heir may cause much dissension among other heirs and creates the potential for litigation.

For example, clear instructions on who is to receive an heirloom ring, other jewelry, gun, furniture, photo album or any other item that someone in the family may want can help prevent problems in advance. A Will can also provide for the creation of trusts to manage property, keep the property in the family, and protect it from creditors, spouses, and even the beneficiaries themselves!

Do You Need A Living Will

A “living will” is not actually a will, but in Texas is a combination of a two instruments:

  • Medical power of attorney
  • Directive to physicians

These instruments provide instruction to a designated individual who is authorized to make medical care decisions for you and instructions to medical personnel regarding your wishes for life-prolonging medical treatment.

These documents are important as they provide clear instruction to your family and medical care givers for your desires. They can greatly reduce the stress your family may experience in the absence of such specific guidance. These documents take the burden off loved ones in making decisions regarding life-prolonging medical treatment, because you can make those choices for yourselves, based on your wishes and values.

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