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Planning for your business, your taxes and your family's future should leave nothing to chance. James Law Firm, P.L.L.C., can help you protect against the inevitable and the unforeseen.

Richard C. James

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Many legal matters are concerned with the future. A business contract creates a relationship between individuals or entities and governs their relationship. An estate plan memorializes the goals and wishes of an individual with the will, trusts, and other instruments that will control the disposition of that person’s property upon his passing, the management of the property upon incapacity and death, and provide for their loved ones’ future financial security and even guardians for minors. The practice of tax law is concerned with minimizing and reducing the impact of various federal, state, and local taxes that affect individuals and their businesses and planning transactions in a tax efficient manner.

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What Happens In The Absence Of Planning?

In many cases, disorder and disarray! A business that fails to secure the proper relationships via well-drafted contracts or fails to choose the proper form of entity and legal structure may find itself unable to procure supplies, products, employees, or equipment. Improper entity choice can expose the founders to personal liability that can lead to crippling losses or lead to inconvenient management structures that are inflexible or uncertain and to an increased liability for federal and state taxes.

Similarly, tax and estate planning are essential for individuals and businesses. Taxes and death are inevitable, but how they will affect individuals and businesses will be very different depending on the competence and sophistication of advanced planning. Will you pay more in income tax or less by your entity structure or your failure to use tax deferral strategies like 1031 exchanges or opportunity zones? Will your children enjoy their inheritance, or pay estate tax on it or feud over it? James Law Firm, P.L.L.C., provides the experienced legal guidance you need for your business, tax and estate planning goals.

You Can’t Know The Future, But You Can Plan For Uncertainty

We cannot know the future with any certainty, but we can create estate, business, and tax plans that are robust enough that they can weather the potential storms of the future. When you create a new business, you may only be thinking good things and success.

Our attorney can help you form an LLC, corporation, or partnership in Texas that is flexible and strong for tax planning and asset protection, one that will ensure the survival of your business should you or one of your co-founders or partners fall ill, divorce, or die, and create a resilient management structure that allows your business to grow and flourish as it evolves over time.

Richard C. James

The University of Mississippi, Bachelor of Accountancy, 1999;
Master of Taxation, 2000

Tulane University School of Law, J.D., 2003

The University of Florida School of Law, LL.M., Taxation, 2004

Richard C. James

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